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The New Age Social Media Management Tools!

Managing a social media channel, running a blog or focusing on CRM for your brand – social media can be a lot daunting on you!

It is important to create content continuously so as to engage followers and keep the customers updated of the new technologies. And the activity does not end any day. There are ways to effectively manage the social media channels through the help of tools.

While almost all of the social media management tools might provide for similar features, they stand out in some respect to give the brands a new way to ease the work.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph one of the widely known tools for social media channels management is simplest to use. It has tabs to add multiple channels and survey them individually. The platform although needs verification for usage, when you provide for the relevant details it gets simpler to use! The personalized dashboard brings to notice all the recent activities related to the last 30 days making it easier to track progress.


Brilliantly looking and easy to use – Buffer helps manage the social media posts, scheduling, analysis and more. Providing a range of features common to social media management tools, Buffer is today one of the most popular platforms for the small business models. Given the ease and vibrant presentation individuals looking to start using the tool can heavily rely on this one!


One of the most popular social media management tools – Hootsuite is relied by the online marketers to bring efficient management with the help of simple tools. When you add your social media channels to the tool, it tracks down the analytics to provide and in depth analysis of the social media channels in an easy to read way.

Sprout Social

As you choose Sprout Social, the experience can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. With the tools and tabs around depicting different statistics, it might take a while understanding the functions. But Sprout Social offers the best of ways to track the performance of your social media channels with the idea that the link between the customers and business is not missed even for once. It caters to all round performance evaluation!


Choose the tools that prove to be easy to use and provides with in-depth analysis of your social media channels. After all when you have the reports ready that you can create the best content and uplift the performance of your channel! There are a variety of social media management tools to choose from!

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