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It is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization. It is a new term in web world to increase the traffic volume of a website from search engine. There are two terms in this context including SEM, the former is an unpaid form of optimization and the later one is a paid form of optimization marketing. The people who optimize the site for better traffic are known as Experts or Specialties. Its main focus is to know what keywords users might use to search the related term and to use the guessed word as a keyword of Meta description to describe the site. Famous search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing use their respective crawlers to crawl the hosted websites on the hosting server across different geographical locations to collect the basic information about the site which then is used on the indexing server.


The basic need for site optimization against search engine is to make it easily available on the search results. Developing website and hosting it does not guarantees that ones hosted site will be found on search engine search results. The site needs to be properly fed with proper content and the easy and popular keywords which serve as a basis for easy understanding for the crawlers. Its main purpose is to make it “search engine friendly”.


Consultants carries out the optimization of projects on behalf of the clients. Numbers of the companies are mushrooming day after day. The main reasons for the growing consult are the independency of the location, consultants from anywhere and any time can be hired by the client from the globe. The optimization of site begins around 1995 hence then the trend for optimizing begun. Earlier it was easier for web master to make their site search engine friendly because those were the days when most of the search engine would use only key word meta tag to locate the site on the servers.

Nowadays search engine especially Google does not rely on keyword itself, site needs to be developed as per the industry standards especially W3C (World Wide Web consortium). W3C has developed number of freeware tools to support the sites from being poor in terms of standards. Service providers use these tools to optimize the sites to best match the industry standard and compatibility standards.

Some of the following standards are followed by the leading service providers:

1. All the dynamic pages must be under root directory of the site
2. Site should not be fed with proper and genuine contents.
3. Avoid the flash and JavaScript navigation as some crawlers do not understands the latest scripts instead use alt text in addition to text.
4. 301 redirections must be there.
5. Use texts instead of text-images etc.

Moreover optimization is a guessing work based on the hint released by the search engines providers. Only experience makes a difference in this field if one needs to make competitive advantage over the others in the competitive industry as this is the where expertise is the main requirement rather than an education or technical knowledge. One need to have a proper knowledge of the appropriate sentence and keywords related to the domain of the site.

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