How to Keep a Tab on Elderly Parents with CCTV Systems?

You don’t always have parents living with you and even if it is so it is not possible for them to continuously be around to watch. What if there is a security breach or your parents get into a situation where they cannot help themselves? How will you ever know? When you leave them alone, there is guilt and worry eating away at your conscience. You want to keep your parents safe when they are alone. Now, you can get help. There are surveillance systems you can use to check on your parents in real time and be prepared for any contingencies.

In What Situations Do You Need a Camera?

You should consider installing a surveillance camera if your parents are staying on their own. If they do stay with you and have any mobility issues or suffer from disorders like Alzheimer’s, it will be helpful in letting you know if and when they need your help.

What Are the Types of Cameras Available for Use?

You can choose to set up security cameras just to keep an eye on the happenings around the house so that you know that everything is safe. If you wish to communicate with your parents, you have a two-way audio camera where you can listen to the sounds and talk to them whenever you feel the need to. Nanny cameras are helpful to keep an eye on the caregivers and nursing homes to ensure that they are being taken care of as expected.

What Kind of Monitoring Is Possible

With the growth in the technology and the lowering of cost, video monitoring has become a popular choice to keep a watch on your loved ones without being intrusive. These works very well for elders living alone.

The cameras used for these are sleek and easy to install if your parents’ home is Wi-Fi enabled. The best of the cameras are equipped with HD quality video, motion and sound detection, night vision and a two-way audio system. The available technology will vary from model to model.

Other than live viewing, it is possible to record the footage and save in on a cloud device for later viewing. This would cost you extra.

If you choose to go ahead with the installation of a camera, do it with the consent of your parents first. They may not be too happy with an invasion of their privacy. Also, keep in mind any rules and regulations when installing a nanny camera or setting up surveillance in a private nursing home or care centre.

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