Foundation Maintenance Software

The proper care of a building foundation is very important to preserve the building?s structure. Certain types of soil exhibit the tendency to expand when wet, which can cause trouble if a building is constructed on top of such soil. Therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain a constant level of moisture in the soil supporting a building. The main objective of foundation maintenance is to preserve constant moisture content in the soil around and below the foundation of a building and to prevent soil erosion.

Foundation maintenance software helps discover the areas under and around a structure, which have wet spots such as faucets and drains and require maintenance. It determines the water content and flow in gardens and nurseries in case of sprinkler and irrigation systems. It also provides alerts for termite damage in buildings with wooden construction.

Good foundation maintenance software alerts the user when the foundation suffers from improper draining, excess dryness of soil, excess watering near the foundation or plumbing leaks. They also warn the user of the presence of runoff water which has not been properly diverted away from the foundation or the presence of roots of large bushes or tree, growing too close to the foundation.

The use of foundation maintenance software has helped homeowners and property managers to maintain their buildings in better condition. However, the area of foundation maintenance software has not been vastly explored, as a result of which foundation repairs alone cost over 12 billion dollars annually. Neglect by builders and homeowners have lead to the deterioration in the foundations of buildings, which has increased the need for repairs.

Very few software companies or vendors exclusively sell foundation maintenance software. Even though the software is sold occasionally as a stand-alone application, it mostly appears as a part of another software such as property or facility maintenance software.

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