Comparing Business Software Systems

Comparing business software systems isn’t, as you might think, comparison shopping different brands or types. At least, it isn’t ONLY comparing different brands and types.

Comparison shopping for a software solution for your business should ideally be a lot more than this. In many cases, the systems that you purchase for your company can make or break your business.

Your best bet, prior to buying any kind of software for your business, is to pretend that they don’t make it. Take inventory of all the things you have to do manually and find a software system that will do all of those things and do it well, as opposed to listening to Joe the software seller, who tells you. Man. you have GOT to have our software. You’re going to make just TONS of money if you get it. If you don’t, you could be just another company.

Every business software system’s developer is going to promise you the sun moon and stars, and comparing systems is nearly as difficult as comparing apples and oranges because the simple truth is that they don’t always do what they tell you they will and many of them just are not right for your company.

They don’t however tell you the down side, or that you can ultimately lose money for your business, or that not all software is created equal. They certainly won’t tell you that business software systems are not like buying a one size fits all kind of clothing. In business, one size does not fit all.

Think carefully about what your company actually needs when comparing software systems, and really consider if your company actually needs the business software, or if they are doing well without it. Will it speed or ease your business or is it going to cost more in the long run to implement it than it is actually worth. Will it increase business or could it actually lose business for you?

Focus on the basics of your business when comparing. Software systems should be purchased by what they will do for you overall. Consider whether you need help in sales, inventory, keeping orders straight, keeping your appointments and building up relationships with customers.

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